Bread Making Workshop by Eton Global Institute

“Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter what culture, everywhere around the world, people get together to eat.”       – Guy Fieri

A one day class with full of learnings

Last October 7, 2017, Eton Global Institute had held a Bread Workshop at R.V Marzan Building, Sampaloc, Manila. Mrs. Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, President and Founder of the school, is full of smile and positive aura as she introduced herself and the chefs of the Eton Global Institute before starting the workshop. She told us the history of their family and story how the idea of establishing the school started. She welcomed us like we are her guests in her home and that the school is her home.

The Bread Workshop was attended by 25 new learners. The goal of this workshop is that, of course, to learn how to make different varieties of bread and also gain new friends. Here is the list on what I loved about the Bread Workshop:

The Team Baguettes.

Unexpectedly, the workshop was really fun. I thought that since we are making bread, it would be really hard and I won’t have the chance to get to know my group mates. The approach of the workshop was to make sure that there is teamwork. And we get to interact and bond with each other. Thanks to their bread workshop, I gained new friends.
This may be the new approach to team building. Funny, we just did the cliché thing- when there is food, there is a gathering. Here at Eton, Not only we gathered around to make food, but we shared the hardship and love to put into the bread. And the best part was, we get to bring home the bread that we made.

Chef Kazzie showing the students how to mix the ingredients.

At first, before the demo starts, I thought it would be a challenge to learn how to make bread with so many of us. During the demo, Chef Kazzie used a show-and-tell teaching style. She was very organized. She separated the ingredients by sets and mixed it one set at a time. In that way, we would know which of the ingredients should go with. She showed us what the dough should look like before fermenting it. The demo is by stage process so that it is easier for us to recall the procedure when it is time for us to do the procedure.


Egg washing Cinnamon Roll before baking.

Since most of us are first-time bakers, all the chefs would go around and check our product and see how we are doing. They would assist us with the ingredients and tools that we needed. They would even cheer us sometimes when they see that we are having a hard time kneading. Actually, the chefs are a complete opposite of Gordon Ramsay (kidding, but it’s true).


The finished product of our labor.

As a first-time baker, you would be very nervous and scared that you might ruin the bread that you are making. But with the teaching approach of Chefs in Eton Global Institute, you will be well-guided. Very much well-guided, that you won’t even notice that you are having fun and doing great.


The baguette team with Mrs. Jacqueline Marzan Tolentino

During application of the demo, Mrs. Jacqueline would go to each of the group’s table and share important facts about the terms of baking and facts about the ingredients of the bread. She also showed us three kinds of flour and let us differentiate each flour. For a one-day workshop, it is just like having a quality education of being a chef. What more, if having a three or six-month professional diploma program of the Eton Global Institute.

Mrs. Jacqueline and her son, offering macarons and chocolate cupcakes.

If you are curious about other classes that they offer here is the list:
JUNIOR CULINARY CLUB: A fun-filled culinary program to gather mini aspiring chefs to an interactive cooking class. Their creativity in the making of nutritious food for healthy eating and living is encouraged. Every Saturday morning, they are invited to discover a new cuisine, taste new food and learn how to make it in an entertaining way.
LIFESTYLE COURSE: This program was designed for adults who are curious to discover several cuisine and recipes. They offer a new class every week, with an average of 5 recipes for each theme. The goal is to teach our students the secrets of several kinds of cuisine, with hands-on practice and theory. And also, for the students to obtain life-lasting skills and to help them become self-reliant.
DIPLOMA COURSE: They offer 3 to 6 months professional programs in Culinary and Pastry Arts, Food & Beverage Operations, Bar Management and Hospitality Services. These programs were specially conceived by their best chefs in order to provide the students quality training and all the knowledge they will need to start their career and make their professional dreams come true.
Beginners Class: 1 Day Session.
Masters Class: 2-3 Days Session.
Special occasions: Individual classes, Private parties, Family celebrations, Professional parties, Events catering.
Contact Number: (02) 954 0662 / +63 998 864 3977.
Instagram: @eton_global_institute
Facebook page: @etonglobalinstitutemanila



Why Base Not Only on Weighing Scale?

Every Gym Loyalist knows that one should not base only on weighing scale if you are trying to see results. When I say ‘Gym Loyalist’, I am talking about not just a member but also who always goes to the Gym. But, if your BMI is high, is overweight or obese and you have an inactive lifestyle, then I say this must be one of your major basis.

There are two reasons why you should not depend only on your weighing scale as a basis for the progress of your fitness program. First, the weighing scale does not tell you if you are losing or gaining fat or muscles, this has a major effect on your body, especially if you are targeting to losing fat. Second, this may demotivate you in pursuing your goal to become fit. Because you may see there are no changes in numbers on the weighing scale, but there may be changes in your muscle and fat mass.

So frown not my friend, for I have a tip to help you keep motivated.

Picture vs. Picture

Why Base Not Only on Weighing Scale- (1)

They say a picture conveys a thousand words. It will also show you the result of a thousand sweat and a thousand calories that you have burned. It helps you see results of what you have been doing. That is if you are doing something like 50 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, and 30 burpees.

A tip for this is to try taking pictures of yourself with the same clothes every month.
Tape that body

Why Base Not Only on Weighing Scale- (2)

When I say “tape that body”, I mean use a measuring tape to record how many inches or centimeters your different body parts shrunk. In this way, you will know you have lost and how your body is shaping from the exercises that you have done. Do this every month.

Take Note of Those Sets

Why Base Not Only on Weighing Scale- (3)

Keep track of what workout you do today. It is better if you list down the weights of your dumbbells or barbells, repetitions, and sets.

Take note if you have a difficulty finishing the sets. You also need to specify how many reps have you done before having a hard time finishing it and if you had any assistance or help in finishing the set.

With this track and records of your workout, it will help you realize that you have gained strength and how far you have achieved. This will boost your drive and motivation to do more and further. Do this every workout.

Goodbye, Then & Hello, Now

Why Base Not Only on Weighing Scale- (4)

This is slightly similar from the Picture vs. Picture tip, the difference is that you have to take a picture with your old clothes that you have not yet altered. Then compare it with your old photos wearing the same clothes. Before doing this, make sure you have been working out for about 6 to 8 months to see a good result.

A true friend’s reaction

Why Base Not Only on Weighing Scale- (5)

The best award for your sweaty hard work is the applause and reaction from your “true friends”. The way they compliment you will always give you confidence in yourself. Take note: make sure they are your true friends before seeing them (just kidding).

Makati’s 5 New Projects in Partnership with Private Sectors


mayor abby binay with anthony cristian angeles(1)
Atty. Claro Certeza, Vice Mayor Monique Yazmin Lagdameo, Mayor Abigail Binay, Anthony Christian Angeles



This project is known as the Makati City Public Wi-Fi System based on a Fiber Optic Cable Infrastructure to deliver Managed Internet Services to the constituents in Makati City (hereinafter, the “Project”). The Project is in line with Makati City Government’s plan to convert Makati City into a “Smart City” by establishing the Makati City Public Wi-Fi System utilizing fiber optic cable infrastructure to deliver managed internet services to the constituents in Makati City. The objectives of the Project are (i) to accelerate the Makati City Government’s efforts in enhancing internet accessibility for its constituents  to boost their economic, social and educational opportunities; and (ii) to enhance the delivery of its frontline services and transactions, improve internal and government processes to ensure greater transparency, efficiency and effectiveness in its operations, and allow easier and wider public access to government information and services. Under the Project, the private proponent, shall, among others, (a) complete/install the fiber optic cable in and around Makati City (the “Makati Fiber Optic Cable’) which includes the Fiber Loop Around Makati EGovernment) (the “FLAME”) and provide/install the access points, access controllers and routers in accordance with the draft contract that would provide connectivity among the different offices and agencies of Makati City including commercial/residential establishments, as well as provide fiber optic connectivity to sites requiring CCTV camera installations within Makati City; and (b) provide the internet bandwidth that will be required in connection with the MyMakati Wi-Fi service which shall offer the general public and transients in Makati City free 20 minute internet connection per day; 40 minutes per day of free internet connection for duly registered Makati residents; and 60 minutes free internet connection per day for students enrolled in the Makati City public school system to the specifications acceptable to the Makati City Government.



mayor abby binay with gcash albert raymundo tinio
Atty. Claro Cerveza, Vice Mayor Monique Yazmin Lagdameo, Mayor Abigail Binay, Albert Raymundo Tinio, Paolo Saycon



This project is known as the Makatizen Universal Card System to be distributed to the constituents of Makati City (hereinafter, the “Project”), at no cost to the Makati City Government. This Project is in line with the Makati City Government’s aims to continuously find ways to strengthen and expand the financial ecosystem between Makati City, its constituency (i.e., its residents, employees, beneficiaries and transients working in Makati City) and the business community through the use of the latest technology. The objectives of the Project are to issue a universal card that would be (i) used as the official Makati City Government identification cards of its employees, residents, beneficiaries, and constituents (the “Makatizen Cardholders”); (ii) process the transactions of Makatizen Cardholders involving products and services of the Original Proponent using its existing electronic loading and bill payments infrastructure/facility; (iii) create a loyalty points system for the Makatizen Cardholders (“Makatizen Points”) that can be used in accredited establishments and other service providers within Makati City; and (iv) used as an ATM card. Under the Project, the private proponent shall provide GCash cards to employees, residents, beneficiaries, and constituents that will double as Makati City government identification cards at no cost to the government. The private proponent will also provide the required platform and system that will process the transactions of Makatizen cardholders involving products and services of participating merchants. A”loyalty points’ system will also be implemented.



mayor abby binay with neo-converege martin leveza
Atty. Claro Certeza, Vice Mayor Monique Lagdameo, Mayor Abigail Binay, Martin Leveza, Carina Avigail Consolacion



This project is known as the project to make use of Makati City-owned lamp posts and structures for installing and maintaining telecommunications equipment and public information structures that would provide better cellular phone service and public information messages to residents and transients of Makati City (hereinafter, the “Project”), at no cost to the Makati City Government.  The objectives of the Project are to (i) provide better cellular phone service and internet connectivity to residents and transients of Makati City; and (ii) to better disseminate public information messages to residents and transients of Makati City. Under the Project, the private proponent shall procure, install, and operate the necessary telecommunication equipment and materials that would provide better cellular phone service and internet connectivity, as well as disseminate public information and messages.



claro certeza, monique lagdameo, abigail binay,ricardo quintana jr
Atty. Claro Certeza, Vice Mayor Monique Yazmin Lagdameo, Mayor Abby Binay, Ricardo Quintana Jr.



This project shall be known as the project for towing, impounding and/or clamping of illegally parked vehicles, stalled vehicles and those involved in vehicular accidents within Makati City including the Makati Central Business District (hereinafter, the “Project”), at no cost to the Makati City Government. This Project is geared towards maintaining Makati City as the premier business district and financial capital of the Philippines by easing the daily heavy traffic caused by, among others, illegally parked vehicles, stalled vehicles and those involved in vehicular accidents. The objectives of this Project is to ease the daily traffic in Makati City including the Makati Central Business District by clearing the roads of illegally parked vehicles, stalled vehicles and those involved in vehicular accidents by towing, impounding and/or clamping them. In line with the plan to make Makati City a “Smart City”, vehicle owners and/or drivers will soon be able to pay the fines and/or fees using online payment. The private proponent shall provide all the towing vehicles and accessories, clamping materials, impounding area and manpower to accomplish the above-mentioned objectives.


abby binay, lagdameo, certeza, lemuel quimpo
Atty. Claro Certeza, Vice Mayor Monique Lagdameo, Mayor Abby Binay, Lemuel Quimpo



Due to the proliferation of mobile canteens or “Jollijeeps” in Makati Central Business District (CBD) and the ambulant vendors on the sidewalks of Makati City that have become serious health and safety concerns to the City and the general public for being unregulated, and in most cases, unsanitary, there is a need to regulate the operation of these street and sidewalk food vendors in Makati City. This will be achieved by Makati City through the appointment of a contractor that will manage and monitor these vendors in the city (the “Project”). This Project will support the City’s livelihood program by providing adequate number of food stalls and the management and monitoring of the operation of existing food stalls and the management and monitoring of the operation of the existing food stall vendors, while at the same time meeting the objectives and requirements of City Ordinance 2002-007 with respect to sanitation, safety and functionality of the food stalls. In line with the City’s plan to be a “Smart City’, the Jollijeeps will soon allow e-payment using the Makatizen card.

Why having a gym buddy is great!

20170503_164702Sharing is Caring

We all know that we have different body types and different approach to dieting. Roxanne and I share different diet techniques and recipe to have a habit of eating healthy food. 


19619898_1469131613148140_2102880813_oHelping Hand

What is also great about having a gym buddy is that you can assist each other especially when doing weight lifting. You can check on each others’ form and posture. With Roxanne, we also do extra workouts after attending Zumba class and a training session with our coach. This means more sweat and calorie burnt.


Fun Exercise

Sometimes, when exercising, we look for a distraction. Listening to music or watching a movie does not often work. My gym buddy and I would talk to each other while doing elliptical or cycling. It makes the time passes by so fast and lessens the feeling of muscle burn.


Laugh it All Out

During hardship, in the middle of our workout,  we just laugh after doing our set. It makes it feel lighter and fun.



Usually, it is our gym buddy who motivates us to go to the gym and work out. Other than that, you have someone to cheer for you while finishing your push-up or plank.


Picture Perfect

The best is having someone to take your picture or video while doing your workout. This means more Instagram and Facebook posts.

Lengua – The No-Meat Version

19650174_1469024636492171_1578152150_oThis dish is a vegetarian version of Lengua. Since I am on a diet, I often crave for meat dishes famous here in the Philippines. It is very challenging for me to satisfy my cravings, that is why I replace meat with mushroom, vegetables, tofu or fish. What is good with this dish is that I did not use oil, instead, I simmer the ingredients with water.

Lengua, from its name, is an ox tongue stew. I used King Oyster mushroom to replace the ox tongue. If you are interested in cooking it, please read the recipe below:



6pcs King Oyster mushroom (sliced)

1 large carrot (cubed)

2 large potato (cubed)

1 large white onion (sliced)

6 cloves garlic (chopped)

1 ½ cup Soy Sauce

2pcs Bay leaf or Laurel Leaf

5pcs whole peppercorn

1 can Evaporated milk

1 can  Campbell’s cream of mushroom



In a saucepan put 1 cup of water, garlic, onion, peppercorn, bay leaf, carrots and potatoes then bring it to boil.

Check if the vegetables are half cooked before adding the cream of mushroom, evaporated milk, soy sauce and mushroom. Stir continuously until mushroom and vegetables are properly cooked and the sauce is already thick.

Serve with rice.

What to Expect in your First Week of Gym

It’s my first time to try the gym and here are my inputs of what you will possibly feel for your first week. It’s okay if you won’t feel the same things like mine, it may mean that you have a stronger body or better lifestyle than mine, but still feel free to read below.

Out of breath

Yes, from the start you will have a hard time breathing because your lungs and heart is not used to working in a fast paced and extra hard to help your body keep up with high activity. At this part, you have not trained yourself to do proper breathing, but be patient, you’ll get there. You’ll just need to learn to not hold your breath while exercising and when to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Easy, right?



Yes, you’ll feel dizzy at first and would feel like vomiting, that’s because your heart has not trained itself to pump enough blood and oxygen from your body to your brain. Also, your body is not yet accustomed to the heat that it’s producing while being active. All you have to do is to rest for a while, breathe deep and slow and drink water.



Before trying the gym, you may think that you will be drained and tired after the workout. But if you try to exercise for just an hour,  your muscles might feel tired because the workout is not yet common to your system, but the funny thing is you feel more active and energized to do other things.



It may be unusual for you that for the first week you’ll get motivated immediately, but you will. Because you will be looking for that after effect of the exercise. You be happier and you will start to love yourself, your body.


Muscle Sore      

Yes, this is normal, but please don’t let this stop you. Expect that you will feel muscle pain all over your body because you still have weak muscles that need to be strengthened and developed. Just make sure to stretch your muscles and have a hot bath after exercise to lessen the pain.


What to expect during your first month working out?

19619971_1469131566481478_787622731_oThere are many kinds of experiences of different people who decide to go to the gym and be dedicated to being healthy. I, for instance, have felt many things and had better known my body well. So if you are considering trying out the gym for the first time, here are the things that you will possibly experience:


Body Whisperer

For your first week, until you have reached one month working out, you will learn to listen to your body. Listening, meaning, you will know your body’s limit. You’ll know your body better, what part of your body needs strengthening, what needs to improve and what are the movements that you have to be careful with as to not to injure your body.


Pain is Good

At first, when you feel muscle pain, you will hate it because it reduces your movement. If it is your first time, you’ll feel body pain for 1 week or 2 weeks. But as you get by, you’ll appreciate the pain and see this as a reward because you know that your workout is effective. It means you are forming more muscles. You just need to put into your mind that the part that hurts means you have a weak muscle there and that you have strengthened it. But you must also be mindful that if the wrong muscles hurt and it is not the target muscles, that means you are doing it wrong.


Addicted to Workout

Yes, this is a good addiction. The workout energizes you, it boosts more energy to help you get by for your busy day. You’ll be craving for your workout if you have missed it because you will be looking for that positive feeling after a workout.


More Relaxed

Since you have sweat out the toxins, you won’t be feeling stressed, but relaxed because the effect of workout out releases your negative energy and turn it into a relaxing aura. I think because of the endorphins released that make you feel lighter, younger and happier.


Stronger You

As you workout, you won’t realize the physical changes yet, but you will feel better as you progress. I would like to advise you to take note of the routine that you are doing from the start, like what are the exercises that you have done for today, how may repetitions did you do for each of the exercises and how many sets have you done. From this logged routine, you will realize that you have increased the number of repetitions and sets.               


Stamina Increased

You may think that you have no improvement in your stamina because you are still out of breath because of your workout, but you will be surprised if you exercise with your friend again or jog in the streets you will be shocked that how much you have improved.


Better You

You will be having better sleep because you are more relaxed. Better posture because you will be observing your posture throughout your workout because if not you might be targeting the wrong muscles. You will also feel younger and alive.

Halo-Halo (Kuya J)

Halo-halo is a simple but in demand food during Summer, that is why in the street, there are lots of stalls selling Halo-halo. This cold dessert or snack is also popular in different Filipino restaurant and Kuya J restaurant is one them.  For a Php 109.00, Kuya J’s  Halo-halo is worth a try. Here is a list why Kuya J’s Halo-halo has set a standard:

halo halo espesyalColored Shaved Ice
The shaved ice of Kuya J’s Halo-Halo is not just plain crystal ice. It is a purple colored shaved ice. The purple color made the ingredients’ color pop out which makes it more appetizing to eat.

Innovative Approach
We all know that a regular Halo-halo has a topping of ube. Kuya J’s approach blended the ube and macapuno with the shaved ice, which makes it flavorful. Who does not like Ube anyway?

Different Texture
Kuya J’s Halo-Halo has a different texture of shaved ice. It is not like any other Halo-halo that you buy in the streets or famous fast food chain. The texture does not have a crystal-like texture, but a finely crushed ice. It is almost like a sherbet that is gooey and smooth consistency.

Not Watery
The good thing with the sherbet-like texture of ice and the innovative approach of Kuya J’s restaurant, the shaved ice does not melt easily unlike the ordinary Halo-halo. It does not get watery when melted, instead, it is more like creamy.

The More, The Merrier
What is great about Kuya J’s Halo-halo is that, not only they serve a big serving of Halo-halo but they are also generous with the ingredients. Generous meaning not only the amount per ingredients but also the number of different types of ingredients added.

Why you should have a Nike Roshe One?


Match it up!
Nike Roshe One has an essential and functional design that can match with casual outfits, faded jeans, skirts, and Sunday dresses. This means that you can still look fashionable even if you are dripping in sweat.
Comfy to your footy
Nike Roshe One is a comfy shoe to wear. It is made of breathable materials that made it possible for the wearer to use it without socks. These shoes were designed to have a high collared heel box, to support your ankle, and wider vamp, for people who has wide feet. In addition, the textured insole was also added to massage your feet.
Light you might forget to doff it
Other than breathable materials used, this pair is as light as a feather. It is so light it is like you are not wearing any shoes.
Soft like a feather
The midsole is soft that serves as a cushion for your feet. Nike also added cushion in the collar lining for added support to the ankle.
Nike Standard
Aside from the minimalist design, Nike Roshe One was also designed to be flexible and durable. You can wear this pair for running, Crossfit workout, walking, and casual walks like shopping.

Day 1: This is it. No turning back!

treadmill .jpegDay 1: From Decision to Action of Lifestyle Change

My first day in the gym is not actually the official training program for my lifestyle change. But, it is a day where my trainer will get to know me better.  

It is important for a trainer to know if the person she is training has any injuries or has had recent medical operations so they would know what kind of program that will fit.

I told her that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, which resulted in hormonal imbalance. Also, I told her that sometimes, I suffer from hyperacidity and this occurs when I am experiencing anxiety attack or stress. In addition, I told her that I get easily run out of breath even in doing a simple task.

Fear, a fear of letting myself die early, is what made me decide to change my lifestyle. So, yes, this is it. No more changing of minds, no backing out. No matter how hard will it get, I must move to the path where I will be taking care of my body.

The first things that the trainer did are (1) get my Body Composition Analysis, which is checking if my weight, skeletal, muscle mass and body fat mass are in normal range; (2) Visceral Fat Level, must be in level 5, in my case I am level 14, which is very dangerous as this will cause hypertension and heart-related diseases; (3) Obesity Analysis,  well, I don’t need to explain more about this and; (5) Segmental Fat, which shows which part of your body contains excess fat, in my case I have excess fat all over my body.

After the easy part, my trainer also tested my physical capabilities like cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. So expect that you will have activities like fast-paced walking, push-up, planking, squats and stretching. So as my trainer said, we need to improve all aspect.

After the exams, my trainer and I talked about the schedule for our workout session and how many times a day should I be in the gym. She told me that 3x to 4x a day is okay, but I made it 4x to 6x a day. She also told me that eating a heavy meal during breakfast and lunch is okay but during dinner, I should eat light food like salad and fruit. This is good for 1 to 2 weeks until your body can adapt to your lifestyle changes.


Sinigang na bagnet

sinigang na bagnet.jpeg

If you are looking for something innovative to cook your Bagnet, Sinigang na Bagnet is a perfect authentic Filipino dish to try. The sour tamarind soup is perfect to fuse with the strong distinctive aroma of Bagnet. What’s surprising with this creative mix is that the crispiness of the Bagnet is still maintained. You can find this dish and other creative Bagnet dish in 8065 Bagnet restaurant. They have two branches, Leon Guinto st., Malate and San Antonio, Makati.

If you want to try to cook it in your home, it is best to cook the Bagnet separately from the sour soup. Or better yet, cook the Bagnet using oven toaster to remove excess fat.For the Sinigang, you can use a small amount of excess oil from the Bagnet and use it to sauté the sliced onions, tomatoes and garlic.

Nike Free Rn



The Nike Free RN is a new design of rubber shoes that is recommendable for running and a long walk, especially in pavements. I tried these shoes for running and long walks. I was surpised because it was my first time wearing a running shoes.  The following are my pros and cons for these shoes:


  • The sole of the rubber shoe has an innovative design that extends and contracts, that will fit the flexibility of your feet.
  • It lets your feet move freely.
  • Its design is lightweight and breathable.
  • It also gives comfort to the runner’s feet because of soft cushioning and the adjustable quarter panel that adapts and gives the right fit to your mid foot.


  • It is very absorbent to liquid.
  • The toe tip is small and soft. The toes is prone from getting hurt.

For fashion:

If you decide to use this for trolling, you can match this with your white tees and jeans.