Why having a gym buddy is great!

Sharing is Caring We all know that we have different body types and different approach to dieting. Roxanne and I share different diet techniques and recipe to have a habit of eating healthy food.    Helping Hand What is also great about having a gym buddy is that you can assist each other especially when … Continue reading Why having a gym buddy is great!

Lengua – The No-Meat Version

This dish is a vegetarian version of Lengua. Since I am on a diet, I often crave for meat dishes famous here in the Philippines. It is very challenging for me to satisfy my cravings, that is why I replace meat with mushroom, vegetables, tofu or fish. What is good with this dish is that … Continue reading Lengua – The No-Meat Version

What to Expect in your First Week of Gym

It’s my first time to try the gym and here are my inputs of what you will possibly feel for your first week. It’s okay if you won’t feel the same things like mine, it may mean that you have a stronger body or better lifestyle than mine, but still feel free to read below. … Continue reading What to Expect in your First Week of Gym

What to expect during your first month working out?

There are many kinds of experiences of different people who decide to go to the gym and be dedicated to being healthy. I, for instance, have felt many things and had better known my body well. So if you are considering trying out the gym for the first time, here are the things that you … Continue reading What to expect during your first month working out?

Halo-Halo (Kuya J)

Halo-halo is a simple but in demand food during Summer, that is why in the street, there are lots of stalls selling Halo-halo. This cold dessert or snack is also popular in different Filipino restaurant and Kuya J restaurant is one them.  For a Php 109.00, Kuya J’s  Halo-halo is worth a try. Here is … Continue reading Halo-Halo (Kuya J)

Why you should have a Nike Roshe One?

  Match it up! Nike Roshe One has an essential and functional design that can match with casual outfits, faded jeans, skirts, and Sunday dresses. This means that you can still look fashionable even if you are dripping in sweat. Comfy to your footy Nike Roshe One is a comfy shoe to wear. It is made … Continue reading Why you should have a Nike Roshe One?

Day 1: This is it. No turning back!

Day 1: From Decision to Action of Lifestyle Change My first day in the gym is not actually the official training program for my lifestyle change. But, it is a day where my trainer will get to know me better.   It is important for a trainer to know if the person she is training has … Continue reading Day 1: This is it. No turning back!

Lengua with Mushroom (Mangan)

  The Lengua of Mangan restaurant was cooked perfectly. It is tender and soft to bite. The lengua still has a very distinct beef flavor. The creamy mushroom sauce did not overwhelm the taste of lengua, but it enhances more of the beefy flavor. The onions were cooked perfectly to add sweetness to the dish.