Angus Beef Tapa (Dean & Deluca)

Angus beef tapa.jpegThe Parsley Pesto rice is well seasoned. At first, I was afraid that I may not like the taste of a green colored rice. But when I tried it solo, it has a very interesting taste. It has a fascinating taste than any ordinary rice. The parsley pesto adds an interesting flavor, but not too strong that may overwhelm the other ingredient in the dish.

The Angus beef tapa is very tasty. It has a strong flavor of garlic and it is sweet. The tapa is soft to bite.

Typically, garnishes were just a decoration to add color to the dish. But the sliced radish and cubed watermelon helped refresh your taste bud and it lightens the strong flavor of tapa.

Other than the garnishes the egg also boostsย a new taste with the tapa and pesto rice.

All in all, the dish was well planned and all items in the dish compliments each other that made this item perfect!

Creme brulee iced latte.jpgOf course, a breakfast is never complete without a coffee. I tried the Dean and Deluca’s Creme Brulee iced coffee. This coffee is sweet, creamy but does not overwhelm the strong flavor of the coffee.


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