Bagnet iloco.jpeg

Bagnet is a famous delicacy in Ilocos, specifically Vigan. This sinfully delicious food is one of the favorite items that tourist buy when visiting Vigan. Some say Lechon Kawali and Bagnet are just the same, but I disagree. There’s a subtle difference to the taste and the level of crispiness of  Bagnet and Lechon Kawali. Well, logically, if the two items are just the same, then why is Bagnet in-demand, especially to local tourists? Maybe the secret of Ilocanos is the ingredients added while boiling the meat and long process of making Bagnet. Some say that Bagnet has a strong garlic flavor than the Lechon Kawali.

Originally, the Bagnet is served as ulam or main dish. Ilocanos would prepare a condiment they called KBL, it means kamatis (or tomato), bagoong (or fish paste), and lasuna (or onions). Ilocanos also used this delicacy as an ingredient to add taste to their Pinakbet and Balatong or Ginisang Monggo in Tagalog. Since then, people have used Bagnet in other famous Filipino dishes like Bagnet Kare-Kare, Sinigang na Bagnet, Bagnet Sisig and etc.

Considering Bagnet became more famous and marketable, there are many restaurants in Metro Manila that serve Bagnet as their main ingredients. Some of these restaurants are Bagnet 8065, Stoops, and BagSik.


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