Day 1: This is it. No turning back!

treadmill .jpegDay 1: From Decision to Action of Lifestyle Change

My first day in the gym is not actually the official training program for my lifestyle change. But, it is a day where my trainer will get to know me better.  

It is important for a trainer to know if the person she is training has any injuries or has had recent medical operations so they would know what kind of program that will fit.

I told her that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, which resulted in hormonal imbalance. Also, I told her that sometimes, I suffer from hyperacidity and this occurs when I am experiencing anxiety attack or stress. In addition, I told her that I get easily run out of breath even in doing a simple task.

Fear, a fear of letting myself die early, is what made me decide to change my lifestyle. So, yes, this is it. No more changing of minds, no backing out. No matter how hard will it get, I must move to the path where I will be taking care of my body.

The first things that the trainer did are (1) get my Body Composition Analysis, which is checking if my weight, skeletal, muscle mass and body fat mass are in normal range; (2) Visceral Fat Level, must be in level 5, in my case I am level 14, which is very dangerous as this will cause hypertension and heart-related diseases; (3) Obesity Analysis,  well, I don’t need to explain more about this and; (5) Segmental Fat, which shows which part of your body contains excess fat, in my case I have excess fat all over my body.

After the easy part, my trainer also tested my physical capabilities like cardio, strength, balance and flexibility. So expect that you will have activities like fast-paced walking, push-up, planking, squats and stretching. So as my trainer said, we need to improve all aspect.

After the exams, my trainer and I talked about the schedule for our workout session and how many times a day should I be in the gym. She told me that 3x to 4x a day is okay, but I made it 4x to 6x a day. She also told me that eating a heavy meal during breakfast and lunch is okay but during dinner, I should eat light food like salad and fruit. This is good for 1 to 2 weeks until your body can adapt to your lifestyle changes.



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