Why you should have a Nike Roshe One?


Match it up!
Nike Roshe One has an essential and functional design that can match with casual outfits, faded jeans, skirts, and Sunday dresses. This means that you can still look fashionable even if you are dripping in sweat.
Comfy to your footy
Nike Roshe One is a comfy shoe to wear. It is made of breathable materials that made it possible for the wearer to use it without socks. These shoes were designed to have a high collared heel box, to support your ankle, and wider vamp, for people who has wide feet. In addition, the textured insole was also added to massage your feet.
Light you might forget to doff it
Other than breathable materials used, this pair is as light as a feather. It is so light it is like you are not wearing any shoes.
Soft like a feather
The midsole is soft that serves as a cushion for your feet. Nike also added cushion in the collar lining for added support to the ankle.
Nike Standard
Aside from the minimalist design, Nike Roshe One was also designed to be flexible and durable. You can wear this pair for running, Crossfit workout, walking, and casual walks like shopping.


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