Halo-Halo (Kuya J)

Halo-halo is a simple but in demand food during Summer, that is why in the street, there are lots of stalls selling Halo-halo. This cold dessert or snack is also popular in different Filipino restaurant and Kuya J restaurant is one them.  For a Php 109.00, Kuya J’s  Halo-halo is worth a try. Here is a list why Kuya J’s Halo-halo has set a standard:

halo halo espesyalColored Shaved Ice
The shaved ice of Kuya J’s Halo-Halo is not just plain crystal ice. It is a purple colored shaved ice. The purple color made the ingredients’ color pop out which makes it more appetizing to eat.

Innovative Approach
We all know that a regular Halo-halo has a topping of ube. Kuya J’s approach blended the ube and macapuno with the shaved ice, which makes it flavorful. Who does not like Ube anyway?

Different Texture
Kuya J’s Halo-Halo has a different texture of shaved ice. It is not like any other Halo-halo that you buy in the streets or famous fast food chain. The texture does not have a crystal-like texture, but a finely crushed ice. It is almost like a sherbet that is gooey and smooth consistency.

Not Watery
The good thing with the sherbet-like texture of ice and the innovative approach of Kuya J’s restaurant, the shaved ice does not melt easily unlike the ordinary Halo-halo. It does not get watery when melted, instead, it is more like creamy.

The More, The Merrier
What is great about Kuya J’s Halo-halo is that, not only they serve a big serving of Halo-halo but they are also generous with the ingredients. Generous meaning not only the amount per ingredients but also the number of different types of ingredients added.


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