What to expect during your first month working out?

19619971_1469131566481478_787622731_oThere are many kinds of experiences of different people who decide to go to the gym and be dedicated to being healthy. I, for instance, have felt many things and had better known my body well. So if you are considering trying out the gym for the first time, here are the things that you will possibly experience:


Body Whisperer

For your first week, until you have reached one month working out, you will learn to listen to your body. Listening, meaning, you will know your body’s limit. You’ll know your body better, what part of your body needs strengthening, what needs to improve and what are the movements that you have to be careful with as to not to injure your body.


Pain is Good

At first, when you feel muscle pain, you will hate it because it reduces your movement. If it is your first time, you’ll feel body pain for 1 week or 2 weeks. But as you get by, you’ll appreciate the pain and see this as a reward because you know that your workout is effective. It means you are forming more muscles. You just need to put into your mind that the part that hurts means you have a weak muscle there and that you have strengthened it. But you must also be mindful that if the wrong muscles hurt and it is not the target muscles, that means you are doing it wrong.


Addicted to Workout

Yes, this is a good addiction. The workout energizes you, it boosts more energy to help you get by for your busy day. You’ll be craving for your workout if you have missed it because you will be looking for that positive feeling after a workout.


More Relaxed

Since you have sweat out the toxins, you won’t be feeling stressed, but relaxed because the effect of workout out releases your negative energy and turn it into a relaxing aura. I think because of the endorphins released that make you feel lighter, younger and happier.


Stronger You

As you workout, you won’t realize the physical changes yet, but you will feel better as you progress. I would like to advise you to take note of the routine that you are doing from the start, like what are the exercises that you have done for today, how may repetitions did you do for each of the exercises and how many sets have you done. From this logged routine, you will realize that you have increased the number of repetitions and sets.               


Stamina Increased

You may think that you have no improvement in your stamina because you are still out of breath because of your workout, but you will be surprised if you exercise with your friend again or jog in the streets you will be shocked that how much you have improved.


Better You

You will be having better sleep because you are more relaxed. Better posture because you will be observing your posture throughout your workout because if not you might be targeting the wrong muscles. You will also feel younger and alive.


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