What to Expect in your First Week of Gym

It’s my first time to try the gym and here are my inputs of what you will possibly feel for your first week. It’s okay if you won’t feel the same things like mine, it may mean that you have a stronger body or better lifestyle than mine, but still feel free to read below.

Out of breath

Yes, from the start you will have a hard time breathing because your lungs and heart is not used to working in a fast paced and extra hard to help your body keep up with high activity. At this part, you have not trained yourself to do proper breathing, but be patient, you’ll get there. You’ll just need to learn to not hold your breath while exercising and when to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Easy, right?



Yes, you’ll feel dizzy at first and would feel like vomiting, that’s because your heart has not trained itself to pump enough blood and oxygen from your body to your brain. Also, your body is not yet accustomed to the heat that it’s producing while being active. All you have to do is to rest for a while, breathe deep and slow and drink water.



Before trying the gym, you may think that you will be drained and tired after the workout. But if you try to exercise for just an hour,  your muscles might feel tired because the workout is not yet common to your system, but the funny thing is you feel more active and energized to do other things.



It may be unusual for you that for the first week you’ll get motivated immediately, but you will. Because you will be looking for that after effect of the exercise. You be happier and you will start to love yourself, your body.


Muscle Sore      

Yes, this is normal, but please don’t let this stop you. Expect that you will feel muscle pain all over your body because you still have weak muscles that need to be strengthened and developed. Just make sure to stretch your muscles and have a hot bath after exercise to lessen the pain.



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