Why having a gym buddy is great!

20170503_164702Sharing is Caring

We all know that we have different body types and different approach to dieting. Roxanne and I share different diet techniques and recipe to have a habit of eating healthy food. 


19619898_1469131613148140_2102880813_oHelping Hand

What is also great about having a gym buddy is that you can assist each other especially when doing weight lifting. You can check on each others’ form and posture. With Roxanne, we also do extra workouts after attending Zumba class and a training session with our coach. This means more sweat and calorie burnt.


Fun Exercise

Sometimes, when exercising, we look for a distraction. Listening to music or watching a movie does not often work. My gym buddy and I would talk to each other while doing elliptical or cycling. It makes the time passes by so fast and lessens the feeling of muscle burn.


Laugh it All Out

During hardship, in the middle of our workout,  we just laugh after doing our set. It makes it feel lighter and fun.



Usually, it is our gym buddy who motivates us to go to the gym and work out. Other than that, you have someone to cheer for you while finishing your push-up or plank.


Picture Perfect

The best is having someone to take your picture or video while doing your workout. This means more Instagram and Facebook posts.


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